FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.


To get a list of all options and switches use:

  • python commix.py -h
  • Q: Where can I check all the available options and switches?

    A: Check the 'usage' wiki page.

    Usage Examples

    Q: Can I get some basic ideas on how to use commix?

    A: Just go and check the 'usage examples' wiki page, where there are several test cases and attack scenarios.

    Upload Shells

    Q: How easily can I upload web-shells on a target host via commix?

    A: Commix enables you to upload web-shells (e.g metasploit PHP meterpreter) easily on target host. For more, check the 'upload shells' wiki page.

    Modules Development

    Q: Do you want to increase the capabilities of the commix tool and/or to adapt it to our needs?

    A: You can easily develop and import our own modules. For more, check the 'module development' wiki page.

    Command Injection Testbeds

    Q: How can I test or evaluate the exploitation abilities of commix?

    A: Check the 'command injection testbeds' wiki page which includes a collection of pwnable web applications and/or VMs (that include web applications) vulnerable to command injection attacks.

    Exploitation Demos

    Q: Is there a place where I can check for demos of commix?

    A: If you want to see a collection of demos, about the exploitation abilities of commix, take a look at the 'exploitation demos' wiki page.

    Bugs and Enhancements

    Q: I found a bug / I have to suggest a new feature! What can I do?

    A: For bug reports or enhancements, please open an issue here.

    Presentations and White Papers

    Q: Is there a place where I can find presentations and/or white papers regarding commix?

    A: For presentations and/or white papers published in conferences, check the 'presentations' wiki page.

    Support and Donations

    Q: Except for tech stuff (bug reports or enhancements) is there any other way that I can support the development of commix?

    A: Sure! Commix is the outcome of many hours of work and total personal dedication. Feel free to 'donate' via PayPal to donations@commixproject.com and instantly prove your feelings for it! :).